Continuing Gift from Hartford Lodge

Tom Paine, Lodge Chaplain/Donation Chair presents the check in the amount of $1000 to Deb Holtan, Executive Director of the Medical Center Foundation, on left is Allen Brandt, Lodge Treasurer/Assistant Secretary, on right is Carl Hoy, Secretary.

The board of directors and staff of the Medical Center Foundation of Hartford are grateful for the financial support from the Hartford Lodge No. 120. Each year the Lodge contributes $1000 to the Medical Center Foundation’s Personal Emergency Response Program (formerly known as Life-Line) during the Tree of Life Celebration Campaign.

The Hartford Lodge has contributed $35,241 through the years. Countless numbers of neighbors and friends remain safe and independent by the use of the Personal Emergency Response Program. The program offers a 24-hour connection to highly trained professionals, advanced personal monitoring technologies, and peace of mind for hundreds of elderly or disabled individuals living alone in the community. The Personal Emergency Response Program is available for Washington and Dodge County residents.