Grand Master’s Message – November 2022

I’m Proud to be a Freemason.

I’m Proud of who we are.

I’m Proud of what we do.

My Brothers,

     The news continues to be outstanding as Wisconsin Freemasonry continues to raise more and more Master Masons than we have in many, many years!  

     A repeat from last month… “You all know that being bigger does not necessarily make us better but, it does allow us to do more things.  More impact on our communities, more opportunities to grow personally, and more opportunities to mentor good men to name a few.

     That said, please, please make no mistake why these men are joining our Fraternity. They are joining our Fraternity because of you. They want mentors, they want Brothers, and they want friends. They’re coming to be with YOU! I assume, if given the chance, most of you would love to serve as a Mentor, a Brother, and a friend more often. We always say that we make good men better, it’s time to prove it.”

     My message this month is very direct.  Be that one man!

Each of us knows that one man can make a difference. There are countless examples throughout the history of our country that prove this. Where one man has made the decision to do something, and it has dramatically changed the future. I’m asking you today to make the decision to be that One Man. 

     First and foremost, retain yourself! This is the time of year when most Secretaries will “clean the books”. Having served in the role I know that many of us in November and December suspend members for nonpayment of dues prior to the per capita bill coming. Also, many members when they receive that dues notice, will demit their membership. Historically, we see a couple of hundred men leave this Fraternity at this time of year. ☹  At this point, with all the great things happening throughout Wisconsin Freemasonry, I have no idea why you would choose to leave this Fraternity, but I do know it happens. First things first. Retain yourself! Have you been to a Lodge meeting lately? It not, why? What could you do to make them important to you? How could they be better? Be that one man?      Take an active role. Make your meetings better. Better for yourself. Better for your brothers. Do they need better facilitation? More Fellowship? More Education? More events? Whatever it is, I challenge you to take an active role in making that happen. 

     Each of use needs to find value in the Fraternity. It is up to us. The amazing lessons this Fraternity teaches are available to us. Many degrees are being conferred throughout our State. Be part of it! It might be an Appendant Body or Youth organizations. It might just be coffee with the boys. Whatever it is for you, find it. Trust me, you will. There is plenty of value in this Fraternity.

     Further, Be that One Man for someone else!

     This Fraternity has continually seen the implications one man can have. 

     Our Past Grand Master Most Worshipful Frank Struble is proud to tell the story of how he was essentially sitting on the sidelines of Freemasonry for several years paying his dues but, not participating as an active member. It was One Man who made a phone call to him that brought him back to this Fraternity. Thank goodness for that One Man. Our Brother brought back another to active membership, and he has now served as our Grand Master! FYI, that One Man was my Dad. 😊 

     Your present Junior Grand Deacon, Worshipful Brother Earl Gunderson, has a similar story. You’ve probably seen the article in the Masonic Journal.

     I, myself, spent 15 years paying dues but not serving as an active member to the Fraternity. Fifteen years I took off to focus on my business. One night as I was out for dinner, I was seated next to One Man who brought me back to active membership. I saw his Masonic ring, started a conversation, and that changed everything. That night that One Man helped me make a decision that I needed to make. What I’m asking you to do is create that tipping point in someone’s life, be that One Man. Call today and invite a Brother to come back to the Lodge. Speak with someone you identify as the “Good” and invite them to be “Crowned with Brotherhood”. 

     Hopefully, this helps an inspires you in your efforts to be that “One Man” that makes a difference. That difference not only in your life but, also the life of another Brother or someone soon to be a Brother. It is time for us as Freemasons to take a personal responsibility. You could be that One Man to generate a tipping point in someone’s life. Either bringing them back to activity or to introducing them to the greatest Fraternity in the world. Your Wisconsin Freemasonry Leadership Team looks forward to helping you in this process. Whatever we can do, please let us know.

I’m Proud to be a Freemason.

I’m Proud of who we are.

I’m Proud of what we do.

Paul T. Tourville, Grand Master

Wisconsin Freemasonry