Richland Center’s Keith D. Chamberlain Masonic Lodge Presents 3 Fire Suppression Tools

Brothers from Keith D. Chamberlain Masonic Lodge No. 66 in Richland Center donated three state-of-the-art Fire Suppression Tools (FSTs) to the Richland Center Police Department, the Richland County Sheriff Department, and the Richland Center Fire Department on December 20. 

The Lodge and its Brethren have a long history of supporting their community and their first responders. These devices will travel in the squad cars that patrol the area, as the local police are often the first to arrive on the scene of an emergency, as well as in the rapid response fire vehicle. These FST devices can be tossed into a building or vehicle on fire — and greatly suppress or even fully extinguish a fire within 30 seconds, making the conditions safe for people to escape or for firefighters to enter the structure.

Pictured from left: Clay Porter, Richland County Sheriff; Brent Clausius, DR8-1; Jim Jewell, Senior Warden; Billie Jones, Richland Center Police Chief; Kevin Melby, Junior Deacon; Steve Davis, Master; Scott Gald Richland Center Fire Chief. Not pictured, but credited for the photo: Larry Hallett, Secretary/Treasurer. 

From District 8 Events, Dan Brylla