Dodgeville Pasty Sales Benefit Dodger Food Locker

The Dodgeville Masonic Lodge held their March 4th pasty sale to benefit the Dodger Food Locker, an organization dedicated to the food insecurities of children in the Dodgeville area. All of their hard work paid off as the Brothers were able to present the charity with a check for over $1,000!

Pictured Left to right: Marlene Jones, Ross Jones, Sharon Christensen, Phyl Ericson, Becky Tank, Jim Davis, Brianna Pishion, Mike Hoppenjan, Janice Neil, Scott Althaus, Brian Pishion and Greta Byers.

Volunteers not pictured are: Sharon Anderson, Evy Thuli, Bob Thuli, Cindy Klusendorf, Janet Butteris, Joyce Widder, Janic Grayson, Renee Aurit, and Ann Alleman.

Dodger Food Locker is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in Dodgeville, set up to help feed local kids in need on the weekends. There are children in the Dodgeville School District who do not have enough to eat from the time school lets out on Friday until they return on Monday. Studies show that student productivity and learning are adversely affected due to hunger.

The Dodger Food Locker’s mission is to help as many of those children as possible by providing weekly food vouchers valid at Dodgeville Piggly Wiggly or the Ridgeway Badger Mart. Families with one elementary age child receive a $25 certificate each Friday during the school year. Families with 2 or more elementary age children receive a $40 certificate.

Since the group started, the number of students served has increased thanks to generous community support from donations and fundraisers. The Dodgeville Masons are proud partners with this incredible organization — and are helping feed hungry kids in their community!

Dodgeville has been very active in their community, as we have recently reported that they donated 3 Fire Suppression Tools to the Dodgeville Police, Dodgeville Fire, and Iowa County Sheriff’s Department. and held a pasty sale to raise over $1,000 for their local “Santa Cop” program. Proud of their community involvement!

Taken, in part, from D8 Events and the Dodger Locker homepage