Crivitz Freemasons donate $16,000 towards Crivitz Police K-9

The Crivitz Freemasons followed through on a pledge to help the Crivitz Police Department purchase a trained police dog by donating $15,000 on July 24, 2023. The Masonic Lodge, located at 913 Louisa St., had previously donated $1000 nine months ago.

“We feel this is an important way we can show our support for our law enforcement officers and that we value their efforts on our behalf,” said spokesperson Bob Hoffman. “Our Lodge members also feel this project will benefit our citizens and make our community a safer place to live.”

In the past the Freemasons of Crivitz have donated an AED to the Village Hall and a fire suppression tool (FST) to the Crivitz Fire Department. Wisconsin Freemasons have recently committed to donating 57 AEDs and FSTs this year to be placed in Wisconsin State Patrol vehicles — and have committed to eventually placing these units in every State Patrol car.

Mr. Hoffman added, “We are convinced this donation for the betterment of our community is in line with the goals Wisconsin Freemasons across this state have championed.”

Pictured in photo left to right: District Representative Doug Morrison; Stewart Swanson; Bob Hoffman; Shawn Veriha, Assoc. Police Chief; and Troy Ugoretz, Chief of Police in Crivitz.

Submitted by Doug Morrison, DR4-3