National Sojourners presents “Build the Flag”

Pictured above are the Military Veterans of Day-Lite Masonic Lodge No. 358 on June 5, after Milwaukee Chapter #27 National Sojourners presented “Build the Flag” program to the Lodge as part of their Masonic education.

Lodge Master Joseph B. Harker, a Past Grand Master and member of the Milwaukee Chapter, requested the presentation. This program as well as other educational patriotic programs are available to all lodges. Contact Bro. Lowell Scott at [email protected] and request a presentation.

From left: Bill Shelley; Lou Plotkin; Joe Scites; Frank McKenna; Ron Pasholt; Kenneth C. Gorgen, PGM; Master Joseph B. Harker, PGM; Lowell Scott; Dave Budziszewski; Tom Schlict; Don Adams; Gary Parker; and Roger Hanson. 

Submitted by Bro. Lowell Scott