Children’s Dyslexia Center presents to Madison Valley Scottish Rite

The Children’s Dyslexia Center recently gave a very nice presentation for all the Madison Valley Scottish Rite Brothers. Brigid Ryan is one of the instructors who spoke and gave us a lot of really great information about the Children’s Dyslexia Center (CDC).

Amelia Cooper recently graduated from the CDC and gave a very heartfelt and inspiring speech around what the CDC was able to do for her as a student. Amelia was diagnosed with Dyslexia in the 4th grade and talking to her, I realized how important it is to have parents like Bryan and Molly Cooper who were very aware that something was missing and got Amelia diagnosed. Amelia graduated this Spring from the CDC and is attending Miami University of Ohio this coming fall.

We as Scottish Rite Masons are very proud of Amelia’s hard work, progress, and will always be here for all of the instructors, staff and students of the CDC. 

Please consider donating to the Grand Master’s Appeal this year – proceeds from which will go directly to support our several Children Dyslexia Centers across the state.

From the Wisconsin Masonic Journal, Madison Valley of the Scottish Rite