Freemasons: Helping Make Our Communities Better

We are “Helping Make Our Communities Better”.

The AED’s committed to the Wisconsin State Patrol have arrived. We have opened, tested, and packed these lifesaving devices along with the FST’s into the bright yellow “Emergency Jump Bags”. Each bag is a $3500 investment in public safety, so we need to get them into service with the State Patrol as quickly as possible. The Patrol is putting these tools in the areas that matter most, rural areas where emergency medical first responders may be less available giving a Trooper first on the scene the lifesaving equipment necessary to give any victim the best chance of survival.

Once in service, the Foundation will work with our District Coordinators to identify a district event which will be open to the public for us to publicly present “Emergency Jump Bags” in hopes of expanding the community financial support as well as our program. Each district will host at least one such event which will feature the Foundation presentation and recognition of all Lodges participating in the event or those who donate an additional bag(s).

Further, I am certain this program should be expanded beyond the State Patrol to include county Sheriffs as well as local police, fire and first responders however to do so we must gain financial support from our communities. We will accommodate this expansion by purchasing additional “Emergency Jump Bags” without the Patrol logo for communities who wish to donate $3000 per bag, a $500 savings, to the Wisconsin Masonic Foundation to support their local departments. This program is designed to enhance public safety and support of our communities as well as increase the awareness of all the great things we do as Masons. Done properly we will be able to bring the pubic to a family focused event similar to a National Night Out event in support of first responders but to pivot the conversation to other issues such as raising funds for scholarships for individuals wanting to go into this field. 

Help us help you and we will build upon all our successes throughout Wisconsin, grow the Foundation, and expand our outreach to all communities, regardless of size or wealth. We will post updates on the Patrol program as well as all other Wisconsin Masonic Foundation programs on our new Wisconsin Masonic Foundation Facebook page ( so please like and share our updates and events with members of your community beyond Masonry. In fact, if you have any Masonic “Acts of Kindness” that you would like us to share simply take a picture and email it with a description to our new social media email: [email protected]. This email will serve to gather success stories which we will then post for all to share. 

The only way we grow successfully is together with the common message of support for our local communities. If we Raise Awareness within our communities of our great deeds, we will Raise Support from the community and its leaders — thereby we will Raise Masons

By Bro. Peter Tourville, President, Wisconsin Masonic Foundation