District 2 Draws Large Turnout for Fall District Meeting

By Senior Grand Deacon Earl Gunderson 

District 2 held their Fall Meeting on October 5, at the Phoenix Grill & Event Center in Baldwin. More than 80 Masons, significant others and guests attended. 

The evening opened with the opening prayer by Brother Burt Hamm of Chetek Lodge. Brother Burt has been recovering from a motorcycle accident and the Brethren were both thrilled and surprised to see him! 

An outstanding Tex-Mex meal was then served buffet-style. 

State Patrol Cruiser parked at the entrance to the Phoenix Grill & Event Center in Baldwin.

Following the meal the presentation of 18 “Emergency Jump Bags”, each containing one Defibrillator and one Fire Suppression Tool (FST), were given to members of the Wisconsin State Patrol. The bags were jointly presented by District 1 and District 2. Remarks of sincere gratitude were made by Sargent Robert Unroh and Officer Joseph Gilltrap. Both emphasized that these tools would certainly save lives! 

PGM L. Arby Humphrey detailed the outstanding work of the Dyslexia Centers in Superior and Eau Claire. The Dyslexia program is certainly an endeavor the Freemasons can be very proud to support! 

Karen Gunderson explains the Make A Wish Program.

Karen Gunderson spoke of her involvement in the Make A Wish Foundation. Gracie Kadlec, the daughter of District 2 Representative David Kadlec, gave a first-hand presentation on her experience as a Wish Grantee. Her talk was both heartfelt and truly inspiring! 

Gracie Kadlec, with her father David Kadlec, speaks of her experience with the Make A Wish Foundation.

District awards were presented by District Deputy Bryce Fransway. District Masons of the Year are Brothers Dan Suffield of River Falls No. 109 and Rick Wayne, awarded posthumously for his long history of exemplary service to the craft. 

District 2 Deputy Bryce L. Fransway and Officer Joseph Gilltrap.

Junior Grand Warden Joseph E. Thompson concluded the night with remarks from Grand Lodge. 

Those leaving the event were no doubt PROUD TO BE FREEMASONS!