Reedsburg’s Annual Shed Lodge 

By Rich Rygh, Wisconsin Masonic Journal

Brothers from across the state enjoyed Reedsburg Lodge’s Annual Shed Lodge on September 30.

Brother Dan Brylla made his “shed” available for an afternoon of blue jeans, good old Masonic Fellowship and great food. This has truly become a “can’t miss” event for may Brothers. 

Brother Leonard Pickett prepared the barbecued ribs and Brother Dan Brylla and his Lady Sue prepared the “fixins” and dessert to go with them. 

Brother Leonard Pickett prepares the barbecued ribs.

Brother Skip Blake gave a very interesting slide presentation on the history of the Ringling Brothers and their Circuses. The seven Ringling Brothers and their father were members of Baraboo Masonic Lodge No. 34 which is the home of their aprons. Their first performance was in Mazomanie, Wis., in 1882. The brothers owned Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circuses. 

Brother Skip Blake gives a very detailed presentation on the history of the Ringling Brothers and their Circuses. 

Grand Master David R. Ritchie stated “Masonry is not about paying the electric bill, Masonry is not about some big edifice, Masonry is not about did I nail every word, Masonry is about taking the time to laugh with a Brother.” 

As usual there was great food and plenty of it.

Grand Master Ritchie presented Veterans Pins and First Responders Pins. 

The Grand Master said we are now doing things. The Square and Compasses are being recognized. He said, “Get caught doing good. People are watching, people are hungry for what we have.”