18th Masons-donated Fire Suppression Tool used

Since Wisconsin Freemasons began donating Fire Suppression Tools (FSTs) to first responders across the state, 18 of the devices we donated have already been used to save numerous lives, pets, and property.

But don’t take our word for it – here’s a testimonial letter from Officer Matthew Brewer of the Omro Police Department:

“I was excited when our department received Fire Suppressions Solutions Fire Suppression Tool (FST). Before receiving the FST, the only tool I had as a Law Enforcement Officer to respond to structure fires was a small fire extinguisher.

Recently, I responded to a structure fire where smoke and flames were visible inside of a three-car detached garage. I was the first Officer on scene and the fire apparatus were still several minutes out. Up to this point, the fire had been contained to a single bay inside the garage.

Knowing there was a high probability the fire would spread into the additional bays, the decision to utilize the FST was made. The device was activated and tossed into the garage bay with the active fire. After the 8 second delay, you could hear the FST device activate and begin to do its job. By the time the fire apparatuses arrived, the fire had been all but knocked down.

The FST had done an excellent job containing the fire to the single bay and greatly reduced the amount of work fire personnel had to perform, and the damage caused to the rest of the structure. According to the fire personnel on scene, the FST device saved the garage from fully engulfing as the fire had begun to spread into the rafters. Both Law Enforcement and Fire Personnel were very pleased with the results from the FST, and will be utilizing them more in the future.”

City of Omro Police Department, 205 S. Webster Ave., Omro, WI 54963

Wisconsin Freemasons are making a difference in their communities and proudly support their local first responders!