Wisconsin Rapids Freemasons bring spirit of the season to all

A “Santa’s Special Christmas” event was held at the Wisconsin Rapids Freemasons Lodge on December 14th for children with special needs.

The Lodge had a great Santa Claus who goes only by the name of Kris Kringle. The event was well attended by 86 parents and children of special needs. A children’s book on “beware of strangers” was given to each child along with candy canes and Christmas cookies.

The excitement was truly evident in the look on the children’s faces as the magic of Christmas descended on these special children. Truly the spirit of Christmas was alive and well in Wisconsin Rapids that evening — as many of the adults felt the magic and blessings of the season right along with the children.

We are already excited for next year as we continue to build a special event for a population of special needs children. 

Submitted by Brother Jim Giese