41 Masons Raised at Tripoli Shrine “Day of Light”

By Berother Jeremy Koss. District 12 Deputy 

The Brothers of District 12 presented an outstanding Masonic Day of Light hosted by Tripoli Shrine in Milwaukee on February 3. The Shrine was filled with over forty candidates and their mentors. There were candidates coming from 23 Lodges in Districts 2, 4, 5, 6, 10, 11, and 12. District 12 Lecturer Jasen Groves, PM of Freemasons Lodge No. 363 enlisted the assistance of the degree captains to assemble the degree teams which included Brothers from across Districts 10, 11, and 12. The degree captains were Worshipful Master Matthew Konradt of Lake Lodge No. 189 and his Entered Apprentice team, Worshipful Brother Jerry Rieck, PM of George Washington 1776 Lodge No. 337 and his Fellow Craft team, and Worshipful Brother Michael Reindl, PM of Freemasons Lodge No. 363 with his Master Mason team. 

The degree work was presented and executed with excellence. We would like to thank Illustrious Sir Gerald Arnholt, Potentate of Tripoli Shrine, for donating the use of the building for the Masonic Day of Light and Brother Patrick Jackson for all his logistical help. Thank you, to the degree captains and their participation. Thank you, Tripoli Scimitar Foundation for sponsoring coffee and carbs along with Chef Cassie for lunch. And finally, a hardy congratulations, to the forty-one new Master Masons of Wisconsin, welcome to the World’s greatest fraternity! 

EA Degree Team

Matthew Konradt Master, Gary Beier, Andrew Martins, Jason Walden, Grant Walden, Patrick Cholka, Matthew Adrian, Jafar Mansour, Ethan Rosenlund, Ethan Klema, Grant Walden, John Bugajski, Jesse Riegel 

FC Degree Team: 

Roderick LeFLore Master , Harris Truno, David Bowen, Tyler Kristopeit, Andrew Mayeshiba, Jerry Reick, Patrick Cholka, Grant Rettke, Curtis Kactro, Michael Palmisano, Michael Vlahoulis 

MM Degree Team: 

Michael Reindl Master, Chad Michels, James McGuigan, Lowein Bystrom III, Thomas Curtis II, Jerry Reick, Jasen Groves, Michael Burnham, Jeremy Koss, Brian Jahns, Jerry Reick, William De Lind II, Patrick Cholka 

Please WELCOME our New Brothers:

Enock Alexandre, Robert Adams, Randal Anderson, Logan Arnholt, Benjamin Benish, Daniel Bishop, Edward Cooke, Steve Dombrowski, Carrie Driss, Collin Ellie, Joseph Fiatoa, Josh Goldberg, CJ Goldberg, Travis Harris, Michael Havlinek, Nathaniel Hudson, Caleb Jones, Thomas Krueck, Joshua Martinez, Jeffery Mikula, Howard Miller, Gregory Mumm, Daniel Murphy, Jose Nieves, Seth Penigar, Jimmy Purser, David Ramey, Steven Rauth, Chris Riese, Jory Rule, Derrick Rupp, Alan Sabin, Robert Scherer, Ronald Schottler, Bryan Sevener, Joshua Tourdot, Alon Tvina, Donald Vernon, Eric Vesel, Jonas Wittke, and Anthony Zidec