12th Annual Tom Tourville Interstate Table Lodge

By Rich Rygh 

Brothers from across the state attended the 12th Annual Tom Tourville Interstate Table Lodge on March 9, at the Tomah Masonic Center. The event was preceded by a presentation to the Wisconsin State Patrol of two “Emergency Jump Kits” containing fire suppression tools (FSTs) and AEDs. 

An excellent meal was served by 33º Catering consisting of Brothers Todd Wohlert, Franz Wiggert and Mark Jerdee

Brothers Todd Wohlert and Mark Jerdee prepare the multi-course meal.

District 5 Deputy Jacob R. Schultz read a poem written by the late Jerry McDonald. 

Grand Treasurer Paul T. Tourville, PGM, described his father Tom Tourville’s love for Freemasonry. He had emblems on his car, he wore a Masonic ring and was always ready for a conversation on Freemasonry. 

PGM Tourville was a DeMolay for eight years prior to becoming a Mason for 37 years. His father Brother Tom saw to it that he and his brother Peter joined DeMolay to find their way out into the world from the farm. 

Grand Treasurer Paul T. Tourville, PGM, lights the candle in memory of his father, Brother Tom Tourville.

PGM Tourville described how Wisconsin Freemasonry has become relevant in our communities. 

He challenged the Brothers to help our new Masons become Masons, get them involved in a committee, get them to learn a part, set them up for success. Get these Brothers a job and get them to take a part in Freemasonry. Help them become Masons. 

Grand Master David R. Ritchie spoke on how he became a Mason and what Masonry has taught him and the good men he has met. 

Brother Bob Ott has his cannon filed by District Representative Nathan Randall.

He stated how the FSTs we have distributed throughout the state have been deployed 22 times to save people, pets and property. We are good men doing good things. 

The Grand Master stated he was proud of the Brothers and proud of the fraternity.