Executive Training Offered to D6 Freemasons

Brother Chris Cochrane had the opportunity to present the Executive Training Program (ETP) to District 6 at the Manawa Masonic Center on June 17. District 6 Deputy Keith Wohlfert organized the event. 

The ETP is designed as a Masonic Lodge leadership training program. The Master will be most effective as a leader if he has a working knowledge of every aspect of his Lodge. In the corporate world, CEO’s can participate in executive training programs which give them experience in various departments of the company (ie: marketing, accounting, shipping, etc.). Similarly, the ETP details the various responsibilities of the Lodge Leadership Team to build the skills necessary to properly prepare the Worshipful Master to effectively lead his Lodge. 

In Wisconsin, we are experiencing a resurgence in Freemasonry with many new men entering the “front door” of our Lodges. It is vital that we lock the “back door” by elevating the experience in our Lodges so they don’t leave, as well as reactivate Brothers who have been absent. The Lodges that have implemented the ETP have seen outstanding results. 

If your Lodge is interested in scheduling an ETP presentation, please reach out to your District Deputy or directly to Brother Chris Cochrane at [email protected]

Submitted by Brother Chris Cochrane