G.L. Humphrey Lodge’s “Fourth Tuesday Meeting” features Sword Maker

Brother Bob Rossdeutscher was a guest at Glenn L. Humphrey Freemasons Lodge No. 364’s, “May Fourth Tuesday Meeting”. 

Brother Rossdeutscher is the current Tiler of Dousman Freemasons Lodge No. 315. The large blade on the front of his table is the Tiler’s sword that he is making. It is a work in process and has acquired the start of a handle. A scabbard is planned. 

Brother Rossdeutscher is a Journeyman of the American Blacksmith Society. He retired and moved to Dousman so he could fire up his forge and pound on his anvil. He travels doing ren fairs and other gatherings as well a teaching. 

GLH Lodge hosts this special event the fourth Tuesday of every month. There is no agenda, no minutes, no business, no collection basket and no Tiler on duty. Just Brothers and friends gathered together in harmony and good conversation with coffee and carbs. Spouses, partners and friends are welcome, reservations are required. Contact Brother Duane Bunting [email protected], 262-370-2016 or 262-965-7360. 

Submitted by Brother Frank McKenna