Labor Day Greetings from the Grand Master

To a Mason, all labor is noble. In Labor, he builds and defines himself. In idleness, he finds decay and despair.

Happy Labor Day. May your celebrations be filled with joy. May your relaxation be filled with peace.

This weekend marks the traditional end of summer. What a summer it has been. We are on a record pace in bringing men from darkness to light. We are out in our communities like never before. We are holding more dinners, family events, and social gatherings than I have ever seen. We have been busy. Our communities are asking us for help and taking part in events that are giving us exposure, making us feel good about the good we are doing, and we are having fun doing it.

This is also the time of year when many of our lodges are coming out of being dark. Brothers hit the ground running. Now more than ever, good men are seeking the company of other good men. Men are looking for direction. Men are looking to do good and have fun while doing it. Start by planning events and community involvement. 

Summer is a time of tending that which was planted in the Spring. Long have we tended our lodges, our brothers, and the craft. Autumn is the time of harvest. The harvest is bountiful. Let us bring those good men in our communities to light. Let us harvest the recognition of the good we do and that there are still those who are good and will always protect those in need.

We are told the wages of a Mason-corn, wine, and oil. All are collected in the autumn. We have toiled and are growing. Enjoy your wages. Plenty, Joy, and Peace.

On Wisconsin Freemasonry. Let us keep it going!


David R. Ritchie 
Grand Master