7 Emergency Jump Bags Donated to Wisconsin State Patrol

At the recent District 4 Fall meeting, Freemasons of Northeast Wisconsin proudly presented seven emergency jump bags to the Wisconsin State Patrol at the Beja Masonic Building in Green Bay, Wisconsin. These life-saving kits contain Zoll automated external defibrillators (AEDs) and an innovative fire suppression tool (FST) from Fire Suppression Solutions LLC.

Sgt. Dan Diedrich (pictured above), from the regional office of the State Patrol, received these bags and expressed his gratitude, knowing they’ll be distributed across Northeast Wisconsin. The FST is a true marvel, capable of suppressing fires rapidly and efficiently, weighing just 11.2 lbs.

Sending a big thank you to Wisconsin Freemasonry Team Senior Grand Warden Jeff Schoenfeldt, District 4 Deputy Chris “Skipper” Young, and all the wonderful Brethren of District 4 for their incredible work!

It is the intent of the Wisconsin Masonic Foundation is to ensure that each trooper vehicle can be provided with this lifesaving equipment, making Wisconsin roads safer for all. This ambitious goal will require approximately $1 million to accomplish, though we can’t think of a better investment.

Freemasons of Wisconsin have already made significant contributions to public safety, donating several hundred AEDs to schools and over 360 FST units to fire departments and police cars statewide.

To support this cause, you can attend local Freemason fundraising events or make a tax-deductible donation online at the Wisconsin Masonic Foundation site.

Together, we can make Wisconsin’s roads safer for all.

From the Wisconsin Masonic Foundation Facebook page; Andrew Martins, Administrator