GL Humphrey Lodge Presents $7,250 in Scholarships to Three Pillars Employees

By Brother Frank McKenna, Secretary/Tresurer 

The Brethren of Glenn L. Humphrey Freemasons Lodge No. 364 at Three Pillars presented nine scholarships to Three Pillars Employees as our investment into their education and training. The total of the investment is $7,250. Since inception, the Three Pillars scholarship totals are 155 recipients having received a total of $103,450. The Scholarships were earned by Grace Blau, Kate Day, Oliva Dorn, Roxanne Frechette, Nicole Gapinski, Hailey Hoof, Molly Noffke, Emry Pakula and Erin Rivard. The very helpful assistance of Three Pillars staff in facilitating our endeavor is very much appreciated. 

Funds distributed come from generous contributions over the years from former and current residents and their families. These funds reside in the coffers of the Wisconsin Masonic Foundation which generates annual payments. Contributions to the Humphrey Smith fund and Personal Donor Advised Funds at the foundation are eligible for tax deductions. The lodge does not apply for grants, seek outside donations, nor solicit funds from Three Pillars. 

In 2022 we had few applicants. We realized that the term ‘scholarship’ tends to communicate funding for college. Not everyone pursues a college education. At the same time, education is necessary for a great number of careers which has tended to be defined as Technical Education. The reality is that these are the people that we are much more likely to encounter to help us in our daily life. We are encouraged that there was increased interest from this important segment of the Three Pillars employees. 

Now that our 2023 endeavor is complete, we begin working on 2024. While it is true that the majority of our benefactors are from our membership, we do not discriminate in accepting help to support those that help us each and every day of our life. 

Emily Pakula 
Erin Rivard 
Grace Blau 
Hailey Hoof 
Kate Day 
Molly Noffke 
Nicole Gapinski 
Olivia Dorn 
Roxanne Frechette