James M. Hays Masonic Lodge Celebrates 100 Years

James M. Hays Masonic Lodge (No. 331) recently hosted a centennial celebration dinner. The Lodge was chartered in June 13, 1923. In the photo above, Past Grand Master Allen E. Iding, a 61 year member of the Lodge, addresses the group gathered to celebrate the occasion.

In 1923, another Lodge was needed on Milwaukee’s north side. Among the names proposed were those of Abraham Lincoln, Willard A. Van Brunt and James M. Hays. The organizing group of Masons chose Hays, a recently deceased banker who was a past Master of Lafayette Masonic Lodge (No. 265). Another Past Master of Lafayette Lodge, Fred Marien (then Senior Grand Warden of the Grand Lodge), was the guiding influence in the formation of James M. Hays Lodge. Many of the initial Hays members were also members of Lafayette Lodge. 

A cake, special pins and historical minutes of the lodge. 

Grand Master Jon Langdon issued a dispensation to the new Lodge in March of 1923. The Grand Lodge issued a charter to James M. Hays Lodge No. 331 in June of that year, when the lodge had 72 members. Albert Runnel was the first Master and Matthew Guenther and Gerhard Fischer were the Wardens. 

There were flowers for the ladies. The note says, “Please take a flower and vase to your table. We hope this vase finds a place in your home and reminds you how important you are to the success of this Lodge. Thank you.”

From Forward Freemasonry I Submitted by Brother Bob Skaradzinski