Veterans at Three Pillars Honored 

By Brother Dennis Krahn 

Brother Frank McKenna pulled together a special program on November 10, for the Masonic Veterans at Three Pillars which was presented in the Chapel of the assisted living center in Dousman. The Masonic Veterans of the Milwaukee Chapter #27 of National Sojourners, Inc., were very proud to honor our Veteran Brothers, Ladies and Widows on Veteran’s Day. 

Brother Frank McKenna emcees the program

The Sojourners presented the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by the “Toast to the Flag” given by Colonel Brother Robert Roth. Brothers Roth, Dan Jorvig (Commander USN) and Lowell Scott (Sergeant US Army) presented the “Folding of the Flag”, where the importance of each fold is explained, and how the final fold concludes with a sea of blue and stars forming the shape of a triangle. The Sojourners paid homage to those who served, and for those who are either MIA or were lost during our battles abroad by presenting a red, a white, and a blue carnation concluding with a wreath in remembrance of all. 

The group proposed toasts to the great fighting force assembled on land, sea and from the air where each branch of the United States Navy, Air Force, Marines, Army, and Coast Guard. Veterans were asked to stand and be applauded for their service to our great country. Father Ryan concluded with a benediction, with words of remembrance and sacrifice, honoring those who served and their families. 

Honored Veterans pose for a photo

The program concluded with TAPS and a closing prayer with a moment of silence.