New sign on Crivitz Masonic Center

A $500 grant was received to build a 16” x 10’ sign on the front of the Crivitz Masonic Center. Total cost of sign and installation was $2285. 

Your Wisconsin Freemasonry Leadership Team and the physical media committee are proud to offer your Lodge a one-time “Physical Media Grant.” Much like the “Acts of Kindness” program, these are matching dollars – up to $500 – that will go towards helping you publicize and promote Freemasonry in your community. 

What qualifies? 

• Placemat ads in local restaurants 

• Newspaper/Shopper ads 

• Billboards/Banners 

• Yard signs 

• Sponsorship of a local community event (where you can have an information booth) 

• Advertising/Sponsorship of a youth sports facility or team 

• Updating/Improving your Lodge sign 

• Other physical media projects which help to get the word out on our fantastic fraternity will be strongly considered – be creative! 

What do you need to do? 

• Contact Brother Kevin Gruber ([email protected]) and your District Deputy via email with your proposal for approval: details of the project, overall estimated cost, who your target audience is, and why you believe this will help advance Masonry in your area. 

• Support branding consistency, all advertising must contain the word “Freemason” or “Freemasonry” and reflect your Lodge’s name and/or community (no Lodge numbers, please); for example: Peshtigo Freemasons, Freemasons of Peshtigo, Peshtigo Freemasonry, etc. 

The goal of these funds is to compliment the digital media awareness campaign currently being conducted by your Wisconsin Freemasonry Membership Team — and could highlight your community activities and involvement, like the recent Fire Suppression Tool (FST) donations and statewide Emergency Jump Bags campaign with the Wisconsin State Patrol. 

You choose how best to positively publicize and promote your Lodge in your area. 

The grant program will remain open for applications through May 1, 2024 or until 40 applications have been approved. Please consider acting on these funds as quickly as your Lodge is able to put a plan together.