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Welcome to the Masonic Code Correspondence Course Exam!  This test is meant to be taken after reading the Masonic Code and learning from it.  This is “open-book” format, so please feel free to reference the Masonic Code at anytime.  The Code can be found in its entirety HERE.

At the start of the exam, please be sure to fill in the requested contact information, so that you can receive your certificate and pin.  Your certificate will be sent to your email, shortly after you complete the quiz, and you may print it out.  Your pin will be mailed from the Grand Lodge Office within a month.  

Select your answer for each question, then click the BLUE “Next Question” button.  You will be alerted if the question was answered incorrectly, and the correct answer will be highlighted.

Good luck!

6 Responses

  1. I’m glad to see the access to this is on here, but it would be nice if there were a way to show it completed for those of us who finished it before the new site went up.

  2. I concur with Bro. MacKay’s comment. I have a certificate of completion from a few years ago as well as a second certificate of completion completed a few months ago, and neither shows up on this site as a course I have done.

  3. The latest revision of the MCCC is September 2021, the link directs Brothers to that version. Consider updating the title page to reflect the current revision date, or remove the date altogether so it doesn’t have to be updated in the future.

  4. You have done an outstanding job with this course and making sure we are all familiar with the Wisconsin Masonic Code. Every Mason in Wisconsin should take this course, in my opinion. Thanks to this course, I have a much better idea of where to look for references when asked “Can we do this?” or “We can’t do that, the code says…”

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